Rated 55-inch 4K TVs

Although the diagonal of 55 inches and is considered for a TV with Ultra HD resolution is minimal, it is possible to buy such devices for several reasons.

First, their cost is not critical at all from similar in functionality to receivers with Full HD resolution.

Secondly, it is the TVs of a small (4K format) diagonal that can have an attractive combination of unique features and an acceptable price. It was two similar models that fell into our material with the easy hand of experts.

Televisions with a screen diagonal of 55 inches

Samsung UE55HU9000T

Samsung UE55HU9000T

TV Samsung UE55HU9000T ( see our “First Look” ) appeared on the market in 2014. This is the youngest model from the new series of Samsung TV receivers, combining the resolution of Ultra HD and the concave form of the screen. Such an unusual nuance, according to the engineers of the company, allows you to better adapt the picture to peripheral vision and contributes to a better immersion of the viewer in the events of the video series. It should be noted that even on a diagonal of 55 inches, the effect of concavity is quite noticeable and positively affects the overall impression of viewing.

The position of the younger model – but within the flagship line – obliges Samsung UE55HU9000T to have a lot of high-tech options and capabilities. So, the TV is equipped with four HDMI ports version 2.0 – this means that data transmission to its video path is possible with sufficient speed to provide a picture in 4K with a frame rate of 60 images per second. Recall that earlier HDMI specifications have peak bandwidth, not allowing you to exceed the bar at 30 frames per second (for Ultra HD resolution).

Well thought out for the Samsung UE55HU9000T built-in audio system. It consists of six speakers with a total capacity of 60 watts. This allows the TV owner not to worry too much about buying a stand-alone acoustics.

Finally, Samsung UE55HU9000T fully fits into the manufacturer’s stated concept of developing SmartTV capabilities. To work with the intelligent platform, the TV is equipped with a special remote control that supports gestures and recognizes voice commands.


Toshiba 55ZL2

Toshiba 55ZL2

TV Toshiba 55ZL2 ( see our review ) has already been noted by our experts in the material of a year ago. This model is interesting for the advanced approach to the formation of 3D, which thanks to an additional layer of microlenses on the screen can be seen without glasses. The zone of confident stereo image is not large, however, the system can track the position of the viewer relative to the screen and tries to optimize the video sequence as much as possible.

Addition to the Smart-functions Toshiba 55ZL2 is access to the company’s cloud service for storing the library.

Over the past year, the device has become more than twice as affordable as it is now and is now in the group of the best models that combine UltraHD resolution with a high-quality 3D display.


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