Bose SoundLink Mini II Review

Bose has several models of portable speakers. SoundLink Mini II, as the name implies, is one of the smallest in the assortment of the company. And then, the same situation when the size matters. After all, these columns should be portable, which means a small size and preferably not very heavy. Frankly heavy, this column can not be called, but it weighs all the same tangible. This at the same time gives a little inconvenience, but also says that the guys from Bose worked on the quality of performance. And here are no complaints.

Bose Soundlink Mini II Portable

Style Bose

The column looks amazing. We love the laconic and simple things of Bose. The quality of materials at the highest level, that the body of metal, that the mesh is protecting the dynamics, that the dense elastic from below cause only sensations of good quality.

True, with a rubber foot on the bottom there is one “but”, the inscription on this rubber band is very quickly erased when used. Creepy perfectionists can yell at this, well, we like even more without extra letters.

Bose Soundlink Mini Design

On top of the column 5 controls. The first is responsible for the inclusion. By the way, this key can tell you and how much percent of the charge remains, and in Russian. Just above this button is the charge indicator.

Next are the volume keys. When working with iPhone or iPad, the volume is synchronized on the device and the column, Android is separately controlled. In the center, the function button is responsible for pausing and starting playback, but paired with volume controls allows you to switch the track, which is important.

If the function button is clamped, then Siri is called, naturally only when working with Apple devices.

Siri control and speakerphone

What’s nice, the microphone is built into the column, for Bose it’s more an exception than the rule. The microphone allows you to give Siri commands through the column itself. For example, switch the track or voice the weather.

Well, naturally with the help of this microphone you can talk on the speakerphone. For office and negotiations, this column is ideal. Soundlink Mini II will gladly inform you who is calling if the number is saved in the contacts book. The last button on the right hand side responds to the synchronization. The column is capable of connecting directly to two sources.

That is, you can watch a movie from your laptop, and when you receive a call to the phone switch to it. And you can divide the column inside the family, as soon as one pauses, the second can start playing its files. Mini II holds in memory 8 devices, enough for the phone, tablet, laptop, and even the phone of his wife, friends and so on.


Well, now the most important thing. Already a lot of people admire this device. At its size, the column sounds just fine. Loud and rich throughout the frequency range. Even in relatively large rooms, for example, a conference hall with 60 square meters of volume was enough for 20 people to admire the sound of the Mini.

The low-frequency column reproduces from the back, so if you put it near the wall you will feel a noticeable increase in the bass. It’s the low frequencies that are the special feature of this Mini. In terms of sounding to the column there are no complaints, especially keeping in mind its dimensions. When you hear it for the first time, you are even surprised that such a baby can produce such a quality sound. At what Mini copes with any genres. It really is one of the best portable speakers not just in its segment, but in principle.


The manufacturer promises 10 hours of work from one charge. We managed to squeeze out 7 hours, but for the sake of fairness it should be noted that it worked at maximum volume and with two connected devices. Charges the Soundlink Mini II from any Micro USB, that is, even from the laptop. Although faster and better will do this with a complete dock with a branded charger. The docking station is also done qualitatively and it is easy for her to find a “home place”.

They came home, put the column on the dock, it continues to play and simultaneously charges. Having seen all the different external speakers, I can definitely say that I did not want to part with the SoundLink Mini II. Separately, it is worth mentioning the large number of accessories that are available for this column.

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