Bose SoundLink Mini II Review

Bose has several models of portable speakers. SoundLink Mini II, as the name implies, is one of the smallest in the assortment of the company. And then, the same situation when the size matters. After all, these columns should be portable, which means a small size and preferably not very heavy. Frankly heavy, this column can not be called, but it weighs all the same tangible. This at the same time gives a little inconvenience, but also says that the guys from Bose worked on the quality of performance. And here are no complaints. Continue reading Bose SoundLink Mini II Review

The Best Tablets You Can Buy

Experts tested the most popular tablet models by a single technique . As a result of the tests, each of them received scores on key criteria and took a certain place in the Tablet Ranking . The position of models in the rating does not depend on the price of the goods, but is based only on the test results. Continue reading The Best Tablets You Can Buy